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ASN1 Encoder & Decoder based on pycrate.
Currently supporting ASN1(s) of various versions of below specifications:

  1. GSMA SGP.22
  2. TCA eUICC_Profile_Package (SAIP)
  3. GSMA SGP.32

However, Tool can be extended to support any ASN1 based conversion.

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Static Badge Website

Static Badge Website

Url(s) of AmenityPj

Refer Url(s) of AmenityPj for details.

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Steps can be found here.

How To Use

There are various ways to Get Started:

  • Online Mode
    • Website Static Badge can be used
  • Offline Mode (Requires Download / Cloning of the Repo)
    • Code can be directly run from asn1Play/asn1_play/main/ using any IDE
    • Local Web Server App amenitypj can be used


Issue tracker can be found here.


  • Code of Conduct can be found here.
  • Contributing Guidelines can be found here.

Few Major Features

  • Auto Trimming of HEX Data (White Spaces Deletion).
  • Auto Detection of Base64 & Hex data.
  • Auto Detection of ByteArraySigned & ByteArrayUnSigned.
  • Conversion Mode for HEX, ASCII, TEXT & Base64.
  • Support of “Individual Mode”; Raw/Target Data can be configured Directly or file path (Binary as well as Text File; any extension) can be passed.
  • Support of “Bulk Mode”; Raw/Target Data can be configured Directly in List/Array format or Directory Path can be passed (Files with Known extensions will be picked based on Input Format).
  • Support of “Yml Mode (Config Mode)”; Raw/Target Data (along with all needed config) can be configured Directly in Yaml Files (“.yaml” or “.yml” extensions), and same cane be passed in “Individual Mode” or “Bulk Mode”.
  • For Known File Extensions (“.asn1”, “.asn”, “.base64”, “.hex”), Input/Output Format may be modified automatically as per sensible out-of-the-box defaults.

Data Folders

  • \asn1Play\Data\SampleData: Sample Data folder containing various version specific data files.
  • \asn1Play\Data\UserData: User Data folder containing various version specific data files (Default Output Directory).

Sample Usage References

To Refer Sample usages, search for below keywords in source code (\asn1Play\asn1_play\main\data_type) and/or in data folders.

  • .Asn1Files;
  • .Base64Files;
  • .HexFiles;
  • .YmlFiles;
  • AsciiInput;
  • AsciiOutput;
  • TxtInput;
  • TxtOutput;
  • Asn1Element;
  • Asn1Schema;
  • Asn1ElementString;
  • Asn1ElementVariable;
  • Asn1Input;
  • Asn1Output;
  • Base64Input;
  • Base64Output;
  • BulkMode;
  • ByteArrayInput;
  • ByteArrayOutput;
  • ByteArraySignedInput;
  • ByteArraySignedOutput;
  • Certificate;
  • Der64Input;
  • Der64Output;
  • DerInput;
  • DerOutput;
  • DirectInput;
  • DirectoryInput;
  • DirectoryOutput;
  • EimConfigurationData;
  • ExportKeyword;
  • ExportedInput;
  • ExtendRemarksList;
  • FileInput;
  • HexInput;
  • HexOutput;
  • ItemIndexVariable;
  • ListInput;
  • OutputFile;
  • OutputKeyword;
  • PE_End;
  • ProfileElement;
  • ReParseOutput;
  • RemarksVariable;
  • StoreMetadataRequest;
  • TlvParsing;
  • UpdateMetadataRequest;
  • VersionVariable;
  • YmlInput;
  • YmlOutput;
  • YmlOutputSameFile;

Reserve Variables

    • Used for input_path, when version of asn specification needs to be considered in file path on run time.
    • Used for output_file_path, when Remarks needs to be considered in output path.
    • Used for remarks, when Asn Element Name needs to be considered in remarks.
    • Used for output_file_path, when Item Index (For Bulk Mode) needs to be considered in output path.

Reserve Keywords

  • output
    • Used for output in file.
  • export
    • Used for export mode. Export of configuration in .yml file.

Important Points

  • For output_file, Both “directory path” and “file path” (identified based on any extension) are supported, Hence a path without extension will be considered as directory.
  • For input/output via files/directory, always enclosed path with r’’. Here “r” denotes raw string and avoid escape sequences, otherwise it might be considered as normal input.
  • output keyword always utilize comments
  • output file utilize comments in case of directory or if file name is having $REMARKS